Diogo Souza da Silva

Tech Lead / Senior Software Engineer

I am a software Engineer with 15 years of experience in building product-focused systems, working with the latest technologies to solve problems in a maintanable and reliable way.

Experienced as a Tech Lead in guiding teams for best agile practices, constant value delivery and giving a good example for technical quality.

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Work experience

Company Position Period
Mercari Japan Tech Lead February 2020 to Today
OLX Brasil Software engineer March 2016 to January 2020
Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden Software engineer March 2011 to February 2016
Intelie System analyst September 2010 to February 2011
Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden Software engineer February 2010 to August 2010
PixelHouse Mobile developer (Android) May 2009 to January 2010
IBM Intern Sysadmin May 2008 to December 2008
BSI-Brazil Web developer February 2007 to September 2007
Remote Freelancer Web developer Since 2006 to today

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Product Camps at Mercari

Presentation about the work style, iteration and goals of teams of the Product Camp at Mercari, for a hiring event.

February 2021

CNCFlora architecture

Presented at Colombia for Instute Humboldt for their adoption of CNCFlora's system.

October 2015

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Main projects

Mercari Japan - Metadata Platform

Mercari Japan is a company that Create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy and sell.

Lead development of a new platform to provide flexible integration of arbitrary fields for items listed on Mercari, that can be used to drive the front-end changes and provider self-service access of this data for other teams for various uses.

Acting as Tech Lead and Scrum Master, helped Managers and PMs with decisions and planning, kept alignment with partner teams, as well as guide the engineering team to keep on top of agile best practices and maintain a high quality code-base. Ensure constant delivery of features and value while also maintaining smooth operation of the services.

Technology stack is Go micro-services, communicating over GRPC, on top of Kubernetes cluster and using Google Spanner and PostgreSQL for Database and Google Pubsub for async communication.

OLX.com.br - Paid Products

OLX-Brasil is brazil's greatest listing/classified marketplace.

As a second challenge on OLX, I assumed as senior developer of the paid products team, with a mission to improve overral team technical quality and decouple it's service from the legacy.

With a micro-services, we strived for over 90% code coverage on our continuous delivery pipeline.

Services are written primarily in Python (+flask), using Elasticsearch as storage and logging to EFK (using fluentd instead of logstash).

For the user interfaces, we deploy SPA written in Typescript using React+Mobx, leveraging Cypress for tests, and following an Atomic Design structure. For mobile (android+iOS), we use Webviews.

We also have a async pipeline on top of rabbitmq.

We deploy to a Nomad cluster we maintain, where we also run our observability stack on prometheus+grafana+EFK+jaeger, all provisioned using terraform and with a service catalog on Consul.

OLX.com.br - Payments

OLX-Brasil is brazil's greatest listing/classified marketplace.

At the start of a new project to re-build the company's payment system, I was responsable as the first developer for archtecting, developing and maintenance of the new solution.

The architecture follows a micro-services, with a service per bussiness capability and a front API Gateway. Server registry, discovery and feature flags are done in Consul.

It also uses a Continuous delivery strategy, levaraging end-to-end testing to ensure quality between deployments.

It is written primarily in Python (+flask), using DynamoDB and Elasticsearch as storage and logging to ELK.

For asyncronous part, it's handled by lambdas, SNS+SQS pipeline.

Deployment is on Elasticbeanstalk provisioned using Terraform.

OLX.com.br - Skina APP APIs

Skina is a listing/classified marketplace that focus on mobile and geolocation positioning.

I am responsable for developments and maintenance of the backend APIs that support the mobile APP, the services are:

  • Product listing and integration with Parse
  • Chat platform
  • Push Notifications to devices
  • Payments and Shipping integration

The APIs are written in java using mysql and solr and deployed on AWS.

National Centre for Flora Conservation

For the latest five years I have been build the national platform for brazillian risk assessment of flora, CNCFlora.

The platform consists of a series of independent services that talk to each other, in a micro-services maner.

Techs included: CouchDB, ElasticSearch, Docker, Ruby, Clojure, PHP, and many others.

View the project source code organization.

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Technical skills

List of technologies that have great knowledge and production systems.





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Email me at diogok@diogok.net

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