Diogo "Kid" da Silva

Full stack software developer


  • System analyst at Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden (Mar/11 ~ today);
  • System analyst at Intelie (Sep/10 ~ Feb/2011);
  • Intern at Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden (Feb/10 ~ Sep/10);
  • System analyst on mobile apps in PixelHouse (May/09 ~ Jan/10);
  • Intern on sysadmin in IBM (May/08 ~ Dec/08);
  • Web developer at BSI-Brasil (Feb/07 ~ Sep/07);
  • + Freelancing...

Formal education

  • Graduating in system analysis and development;
  • Java Formation: Distribuited aplications;
  • Machine Learning at Coursera(unfinshed);
  • English complete course;
  • + Lots of books...

Knowledge and skills

Rated from 0 to 5. Five meaning complete domain.

Web (up to 5)

JavasScript 3.5
Mobile 4
Design 1

Languages (up to 5)

Clojure 3
Javascript 3.5
Ruby 3
Java 2

Databases (up to 5)

CouchDB 5
PostgreSQL(+PostGIS) 4
ElasticSearch 3
Redis 3.5
Neo4J 2

DevOps (up to 3)

Linux 3
Shell 3
Docker 3
Cloud 2

Current work

Centro Nacional de Conservação da Flora


The National Centre for Flora Conservation, created under the Rearch Institute Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, aims at providing information for the public and government about brazilian biodiversisty and flora conservation.

It follow a micro-services architecture, with interconnected and reusable components, developed on Vagrant, all open-source, and deployed on Docker containers, using etcd for information and configuration management.

You can get an overview of the complex ecosystem at CNCFlora github.

Applied: Docker, Vagrant, etcd, Clojure, PHP, Ruby, CouchDB, ElasticSearch.

Side projects

CouchDB Extras

Set of extras scripts for couchdb, including: CouchDB to ElasticSearch custom river, Master/Master cluster setup, CouchDB History DB.

Applied: CouchDB, Ruby.


FastChat is a chat widget, written in clojure(a functional, lisp inspired, language for the JVM) and Redis, that is really easy to integrate into any website.

Applied: Clojure, Redis, WebSockets, TravisCI, Docker.


RestServer is a simple PHP library for the easy development of Restful services and aplications, using the language latest features.

Applied: PHP, REST.


Set of easy and simple tools to work with the operations of dockerized containers, applied in production on the CNCFlora project.

Applied: Ruby, Docker, etcd, fig, confd.

Proxy Docker

A Docker image to proper proxy request to other docker containers, make the access, integration and linking to such containers easier.

Applied: nginx, Docker, etcd, confd.

Logstash Container

Docker ElasticSearch+LogStash+Kibana all set up container.

Applied: nginx, Docker, logstash, elasticsearch, kibana.

Gamedev experiments

Space Invaders

Experiment of creating a game using only HTML5 canvas and javascript. The game is a simple adaptation of the space invaders game for the browser.

Applied:HMTL5, JavaScript, Canvas, JAWS(framework).


Took the challeng of js13kgames of creating a game in under 13kb in javascript. In the nights of a week , and with no framework (due to size limitation), this tile-based dungeon game is the result.

Applied:HMTL5, JavaScript, Canvas.


A simple Platformer gamer to experience more on HTML5 game creation, using tiled map creator, with open art and music.

Applied:HMTL5, JavaScript, Canvas.