Diogo Souza da Silva

System analyst and developer (a.k.a. programmer), at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Vagrant, Docker, Etcd
PHP, Clojure, Ruby, JavaScript, Java(Android)
jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Cordova/PhoneGap, Sencha (ExtJS)
CouchDB, Redis, Neo4J, Titan, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL + PostGIS, MySql

Github - Github CNCFlora - LinkedIn - Twitter - Manifesto.blog (pt-br) - diogo@diogok.net


  • System analyst at Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden (Mar/11 ~ today);
  • System analyst at Intelie (Sep/10 ~ Feb/2011);
  • Intern at Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden (Feb/10 ~ Sep/10);
  • System analyst on mobile apps in PixelHouse (May/09 ~ Jan/10);
  • Intern on sysadmin in IBM (May/08 ~ Dec/08);
  • Web developer at BSI-Brasil (Feb/07 ~ Sep/07);
  • + Freelancing...

Formal education

  • Graduating in system analysis and development;
  • Java Formation: Distribuited aplications;
  • Machine Learning at Coursera(unfinshed);
  • English complete course;
  • + Lots of books...

Slides of my current state of art dev setup (pt-br)

Current project

Side projects

Gamedev experiments